Monday, October 14, 2013

Bill Moyers Essay: Shutdown Showdown

The GOP Isn't The Party Of Abraham Lincoln, And It Hasn't Been For A Long Damned Time

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Domestic Spying Needed?

I've been watching the whole situation regarding Snowdon and the leaked information and I'm not going to deal with the specifics of that. What I find interesting is that the government had information about the attack of 9/11 a month before it happened. Yet the government beauracrats didn't take any action. Even when they had information that the attack was going to utilize airline planes and they had credible info that specific people were learning limited flying lessons.
So, what was the purpose of The Patriot Act? Not to protect the American public. The government beauricrats have demonstrated that they aren't competent to do so. The purpose is to control the masses and all the spy programs are a means toward that end. I don't believe that the government is listening and/or reading everything.  I think the info is accumulated in order to identify any and all key oppossing critics of the government. When the majority of American people get fed up with the government serving The Big Money Corporations and rise up to remove those that serve The Big Money Corps from power through mass protests & demonstrations, like it is happening elsewhere in the world, they want to shut down any oppossition by isolating the key critics. How better to do that than by accumulating all of the data and then when the protests & demonstrations start they can analyse the data to determine who the key critics are and take action against them.
Is the government stating that all terrorist attacks are planned with the US?  That's what they'd have you believe with the domestic spying.
The government beaurocrats do not want the same situation that happened in Turkey & Greece to happen here. They know that movements can be coordinated and grow through entities such as Twitter & Facebook and they want to be able to identify and isolate those leaders brfore they are able to wrestle control from them. Government beaurocrats do not want an informed, free-thinking public but only those that blindly follow what the government tells them.
The Patriot Act is more about controlling the masses than protecting the masses. It's time to repeal The Patriot Act and enact The Job Competency Act, where anyone in a position of authority (i.e. directors and above) must pass a stringent competency test that absolutely proves that they are capable of doing the job. This way the American people won't end up with a Mike Brown in charge of FEMA.