Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The GOP Has Become Irrelevant.

The Repubs are proposing one policy that has shown not to work. After 8 years of Reagan's "Trinkle-Down" economics it was shown that what trinkled down wasn't wealth...but something else and it was yellow in color. :-) The other one is the same policy that caused the crash at the end of 2008. The Repubs accuse Obama and the Dems of increasing the deficit yet do not acknowledge or accept the fact that THEY started 2 wars without putting the cost of those wars in the budget. Did we forget Henry Paulson is the one that ORIGINATED the TARP idea??? Did we forget that Paulson wanted full and total control of the TARP funds with absolutely no oversight? Are the Repubs irrelevant? Absolutely. The Dems were the ones that stated that they wouldn't even discuss TARP without including overight. Are the Repubs irreleavant? Without a doubt. They don't even represent America as a whole except to give it lip service. Who do they represent? Those that supply them with their money...they don't even bother trying to hide it anymore. The Repubs have been bought and paid for by the big coporate interests like the Koch Brothers to move any and all services that have a potential for high profits out of govt's hands and into the private sector. Which is why the Repubs were not going to support ANY type of health care reform on a national level that would adversely affect health insurance industry's profits. Lastly, politicians and political parties, by their nature, are always looking for ways of upstaging and outmanuevering their opposition. We all know this and it's been unwritten and unspoken. But when push comes to shove in the past, the most important thing was to do what was best for the country and for it's citizens. Never in the history of the US has any elected official gone on record as did Mitch McConnell to state that HIS sole purpose was to make Obama a one term President. This is good for the country? Yes, the Repubs have become irrelevant.

Monday, April 16, 2012

How Romney Games The System.

Not rich? Then you are worthless & useless to Romney & the GOP

I read an interesting bit of information on Chuck Todd's First Read column this morning. Besides the interesting tid bit pertaining to the "hot-mic moments", what I found very telling and is extremely revealing was the comment that Romeny made about "stay-at-home" Moms.  According to the Boston Globe, Romney said at a Jan. 4 campaign stop in Manchester, N.H.: “Even if you have a child two years of age, you need to go to work.” So, essentially, if you're a stay-at-home Mom and have not won the Spousal Lottory by getting a Sugar Daddy like Ann Romney did (remember, Mitt Romney inherited ALL of his money and never worked a day in his life), then Romney believes that “all moms are working moms,” but that doesn’t apply to mothers who are welfare recipients.  He believes that they are freeloaders just like he thinks that those that are unemployed stay that way because they don't want to work...not that there aren't any jobs that pay a living wage.  I agree with Hillary Rosen on her assessment of Ann Romney.  The Romney's are elitists and look down their noses at everyone that does not contribute, willingly or otherwise, their "special" life-style. 

How many stay-at-home Moms can relate to Ann Romney?  What do your helpers look like?

Sunday, April 15, 2012

High unemployment the fault of GOP

Have you heard the latest from Romney?  Inemployment is all due to Obama. What planet has Romney been living on?  Oh, yeah, the planet of "Corporations-Are-People-Too" .  Let me see if my memory serves me right. I remember Obama & the Dems saying that the Federal Gov't needed to help cities & stated with funding so that police, firemen, & teachers wouldn't lose their jobs. But, oh no...the GOP wouldn't have any of that. Saving jobs would help America & American citizens. And it would be a benefit to Obama & the Dems but detrimental to the GOP. So, the GOP chose to allow American's to lose their jobs then to allow Obama to accomplish something positive. So, it's the GOP that caused many of Americans to lose their jobs...not Obama or the Dems.
Even the GOP's argumeng of having to pay for the funding to cities & states is weak. Because the GOP wasn't concerned about how to pay for the Iraqi & Afghanistani Wars or the exhobinant tax cuts for their wealthy political contributors.
I think that the GOP should be disolved/disbanded and replaced with one that has morals and actually cares about America and ALL of its citizens.