Friday, September 14, 2007

President Rainman's speech

For those of us that viewed the President's speech last night, you have to wonder how we can make the days go by faster so that this idiot is out of office that much quicker. As I listened to his speech I know (and expected) him to baffle us with BS...I wasn't disappointed. I know that other Presidents have tried to put a spin on facts in their speeches (can any of us forget President Clinton's speech about the new jobs that were created under his administration? That every time the speech was referenced/repeated, the number of jobs created miraculously INCREASED.) But President Rainman's B S is going to cost American lives. He has never answered how many American lives it is going to take to satisfy his personal agenda and the wealth of his cronies.

And the one key question that needs to be answered is -

Have anything that President Rainman or anyone in his administration been right about anything they say?