Sunday, December 26, 2010

Who buys a Lexus as a Christmas present?

Whenever I watch the Lexus commercial and I wonder who are the people that buy a Lexus as a Christmas present. If there are people who actually buy one as a Christmas present, do they buy it for themselves or do they buy it for someone else? Lastly, if they buy it as a present for someone else, do they just pay for the initial down payment and let the other person pay the monthly payments? Or do they also make the monthly payments? Or is this one of those spousal things? You know, where your spouse was going to get another car anyway and you wait until Christmas so it can be bought as a "present"?
And I also wonder, with the current economy as it is, what does the Lexus buyer do for a living and how secure do they feel in their job?

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The extortionists win.

Obama announces a tentative deal to extend the Bush tax cuts.

Those were the headlines alert I received today. I got interested and read the full article to find out what GOP was going to hold hostage to get what their masters wanted. The American people have to pay another very high price so that those that already paid for the Top 2% of the wealthiest in America undeserved initial tax cuts can get even a small amount of benefits compared to the Top 2%. Read the full article at

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Monday, December 06, 2010

Are the Oil Companies good?

Wow, I saw that the price of mid-grade gas for my car is now over $3 per gallon. And no one is screaming and yelling. No one is asking for any kind of investigation into price-gouging of price fixing. By God, the oil companies learned their lesson well, didn't they?

Instead of bumping the price of gasoline by dollars and risking the ire of the general public they just raised the prices by pennies...continuously. And no one complains.

As I posted before, they learned from the classic story of the frog. The frog analogy that I used previously. I predict that this time next year the price of gasoline will be over $4 a gallon and the profits the oil companies will post will be record-breakers...again. They will accumulate more money and wealth in order to purchase more politicians (such as Barton, who feels compelled to apologize to his master in public).

The oil companies need lots of money to bribe their political lackeys.

Bill Maher on Glenn Beck

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Hold Obama to his promise

Remember when President Obama made his promise not to extend the Bush Tax Cuts for the wealthiest 2%? Well, write to The President and hold him to his promise.

98% IS a Majority

Open Letter To My Congressmen

The following is a letter that I just sent to my US Congressmen regarding the Bush Tax Cuts. 
In this economy, extending the Bush Tax Cut to the Top 2% of the richest Americans at the cost of the average American borders on criminal negligence. 
It has become obvious that the Republicans do not care for anyone else's interests except for those Top 2% of the richest Americans.  What I want to know is on what side of the issue do YOU stand on?  Are you on the side of decency or will you side with those that will destroy and enslave the average American? 
What do you plan on doing to insure that the US Congress is not the paid lackey of the rich and powerful?  Or will you be more concerned about the ability to raise political funds?

Decent people want to know.

I had sent the above letter using  It seemed to be an easy and quick way for me to send my thoughts about certain issues to my elected officials.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

John Shadegg is profoundly STUPID and the Republicans are CRIMINALLY NEGLIGENT

I have yet to hear from anyone regarding my last challenge of how extending the Bush Tax Cuts to the Top 2% of the richest Americans and not extending unemployment benefits will help the economy.  Rep. John Shadegg gives his version on Morning Joe.

It has become OBVIOUS to anyone with a signle working brain cell that the Republicans no longer are interested in representing the citizens of the United States of America unless they are the richest 2%.  If you are not in this group, then you do not exist in their eyes and you may as well die.  But for not too many of you should die because you are what their rich master need steal money from.